Amended versions of the MCL suite of documents

Michael CallaghanMCL News, Updated documents

From today, amended versions of the Model Commercial Lease (MCL) suite of documents are now available on the MCL website. With a few exceptions, the changes are mainly of a drafting nature.  The revised versions of the documents have been designated version 1.2. As with changes introduced when version 1.1 was issued in June 2015, the majority of the amendments … Read More

Michael CallaghanAmended versions of the MCL suite of documents

Index linked rent review clause

Michael CallaghanUpdated documents

MCL-LEASECLAUSE-03 We have made a small change to the index linked rent review clauses.  In Part 3, the definition of “Current Rent” has been amended to refer to the “Notional Rent Review Date” in place of the “Rent Review Date.

Michael CallaghanIndex linked rent review clause